Skluzacek Tree Movers

Dan Skluzacek, owner of Skluzacek Tree Movers, runs a full service tree planting, maintaining, and removing business based in New Prague, MN. They have over 15,000 nursery grown trees ready to plant on your residential or commercial lot, either spaded in or with the rots in burlap. Skluzacek offers a 5-7 year tree pruning and has all of the equipment needed to remove trees & brush from your yard, land, line fences, and anywhere else you need some ore sun!

Dan had a template website which was simply not meeting their web presence needs, so I created a custom WordPress-powered theme which works well on all screen sizes. The theme has a deep forest feel to it and is much easier for him to update.

I also created a Facebook page for Skluzacek Tree Movers, complete with custom designed profile picture, cover photo, and fully completed profile information.

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