Kantorei is a Minnesota based, premier choral ensembles that has special reputation for interpreting European choral music drawn from the heritage of director & founder Axel Theimer.– including seldom-heard Romantic pieces, sacred masterworks, and Austrian and German folk melodies.

Kantorei’s previous website had the content its viewers desired, but didn’t make it very easy to find and didn’t display properly on mobile devices – a large requirement for many of the people looking for Kantorei on the web. Working closely with Raj, the current president of Kantorei’s Board of Directors, Brent and I came up with a modern, clean, and responsive design for Kantorei which presents their recordings, ticketing information, and general information quickly and clearly for users. The new website was created as a custom WordPress theme and a detailed, photo-driven how-to guide was created that allows for easy updating of the website by current & future Kantorei administrators.

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