Discipleship Training Institute

The Discipleship Training Institute (DTI) is an Edina, MN based child-ministry of Lamplighters International that was organized in 2012 to provide intentional discipleship training to local churches, Christian ministries, and individual believers.

Created in Joomla 2.5, this website helps to connect students of God across ages and locations to better serve His will. Integrated with SalesForce for easy member management and with a custom website design (by Brent Solem) matched to Lamplighters International, DTI is sure to serve His will for many years to come.

UPDATE Jan 2014: Discipleship Training Institute was happy with my work and requested another round of updates to their website. It’s now been converted into WordPress for ease of use and includes a library of audio recordings which is both easy to manage from an administrative view and are easy to navigate from the user’s end.

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